Let’s Brainstorm some ideas for pathy’s new passive

Some personal ideas of my own.

Cut the cord! – Destroy own zip lines, 4-second animation of going to the end of the zipline and cutting or ripping it off

Mechanical harness! – Move 30 percent faster on all ziplines and jump towers

I'm coming for you friend! – Grappling hook can be used to pull downed teammates to safety

Last Transmission – Upon death, Pathfinder instantly uploads the position of the next ring to his teammates

No friend left behind! – Pathfinder is able to pick up downed teammates near his ziplines and carry them across at 10 percent increased speed, Attempting to jump and reattach to zipline will cause both pathfinder and teammate to fall. Weapons and grenades cannot be equipped while doing so.

Searching for the creator! – Use of Survey beacons grants Pathfinder temporary location knowledge of enemies within 70 meters, how many, and how close, are unknown. Just like the creator! Other Pathfinders will be able to know of being scanned, but all other legends will not intercept the transmission. Press up on controller to alert teammates with a voiceline (like Wraith's passive)

"I think friends are coming to say hello!"

Enhanced lenses – Pathfinder uses his corrective lens to zoom in up to 3x on weapons without scopes

New and Improved! – Upon respawning, pathfinder shaves 5 seconds off his total grapple cooldown, (can stack up to 3 times)

Friends? – In buildings with Survey beacons, if hostiles are in the building, doorways and windows will be outlined in a faint red overlay for pathfinder

Emergency Override – When under 50 health, grappling hook recharges 1.5 times faster, reduced range by 2 meters. (Cooldown becomes 23 -24 seconds)

Lemme know what you think and if you have any ideas yourself. Thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/izqde9/lets_brainstorm_some_ideas_for_pathys_new_passive/

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