Let’s talk about shotguns for a second

I have a lot of time on my hands thanks to quarantine and I get to play quite a bit of apex because of it. While playing Armed And Dangerous (which may be my favorite LTM, Mastiff/Longbow pair for the win!) I noticed that there was just something missing for me, in terms of shotguns. There was one particular kind of weapon I really wanted, one that I noticed doesn't really exist: a shotgun that fires slugs.

Now I'm sure somebody's gonna be wondering what a slug is, so here's the simple version: buckshot/birdshot are the most common firing types in video games, with that infamous spread fire that covers a ridiculous area. It's why sometimes you'll do 7 damage if you're any more than 3 millimetres away. A slug is a single projectile that does a f***ton of damage. The closest we get to this is the peacekeeper, with the precision choke fully charged.

What would this mean balance wise? A slug shotgun would give players the option to do shotgun damage at a mid range, assuming you can land a shot at that range. It would essentially create a broken G7 Scout-esque weapon that takes 5 shells, can fire somewhat quickly, and has to be in accurate hands to be effective. For damage drop, I'm thinking 60 on torso, 55 on limb, 115 on headshot, without helmet. Somebody else can do the math and balancing, I'm not a genius. It would be unable to equip a digital threat, but longer range optics become available.

It's just an idea. Thoughts? Would anyone else want a slug shotgun?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hlaz7t/lets_talk_about_shotguns_for_a_second/

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