Lifeline: Changes

So, I happen to be a Lifeline main. Not just cause the health drone or care package, but simply because I like the character build and personality. I really feel her abilities should be changed. Some changes I would like to test out are below.

The Rez Shield passive: Make this like Gibraltar’s shield and allow it to be toggled before the action or remove it (I’ll tell you why to remove it below). A lot of times I manage to deal with a team and I get spotted because this big giant inviting shield is screaming, I’m vulnerable right here.

The care package: Just change this a lot of times the random roll is useless! Two Level 3 knock downs and a 2 stack of shields when the entire team is holding level 3s already. Change it to a deployable shield as a Super, or Special, and remove it from her Rez animation.

The Drone: Possibly sentient (follows Lifeline at a slow pace). And allow a pickup with a smaller recharge rate based on how much health it healed.

Ideas? Opinions?


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