Lifeline’s New Passive Needs a Nerf.

It’s too easy for Lifelines to spam it over and over again as soon as you redown their teammate, and if they have a gold backpack, it’s gg. There is no real skill involved, sorry to offend anyone who thinks they are a God for spamming the shield and using their teammate as OP cover. The only counters are grenades, and certain Legend abilities, but the Lifeline can peak you while you are readying a nade and down you, and can immediately reuse the shield again if your nade downs the fresh res, and abilities only work if you have a legend that actually counters the shield and their ability isn’t cooling down already. Revenant appears to be the best counter, but you shouldn’t be punished for not having a Revenant in your squad. All of the counters are limited by inventory space or cooldown times, but the OP shield isn’t? Try fighting a Lifeline with a PK who keeps ducking back and forth between the shield. You’re punished for running to stop the res, and you’re punished for not running to stop the res. If it’s a 1v1 and the lifeline has her meat shield nearby, the odds are heavily stacked against you. Dying to this isn’t fun, I don’t feel like I’ve been outplayed.

The ability is fine as it is but it needs to be nerfed so it can’t be spammed repeatedly, there should be a 20-30 second cool down between each use, and if the drone isn’t ready, Lifeline does her normal res. Thoughts?


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