Loba buff/ rework

It’s no secret Loba is the worst legend in the game, some may try to argue octane is worse or mirage but Loba supplies very little support to her team as a support character and lacks the offensive capabilities to justify her lackluster support, so here are the changes to her abilities that I’d make to bring her more in line with the rest of the cast and more specifically lifeline.

Passive Eye for Quality:
– death boxes containing legendary and epic loot can now be seen through walls
– new perk added onto passive where depending on the rarity of her gear, her revive speed goes faster, the numbers would be:

Common: 10% faster revive
Rare: 20% faster revive
Epic: 30% faster revive
Legendary and heirloom: 40% faster revive

And this pertains to the rarity of her helmet, armor, knockdown shield and backpack and the effect does not stack with how many items of a certain rarity you have just the highest level rarity of any of these 4 items. (Ex having a gold backpack and helmet does not boost her revive speed past 40%)
– new perk like lifeline where she can open the extra compartment in blue supply bins to universalize the support class with a perk like they did with the recon class

Tactical Burgular’s Best Friend:
– cooldown reduced to 25 seconds
– can now run while bracelet is out (before being transported)
– bracelet can be thrown 80 meters while on the ground up from 71 meters

Ultimate Black Market Boutique:
– can retrieve an ally’s Respawn card if it’s within range

These changes would give her a lot more flexibility and supportive elements as well as increasing her late game usefulness with the added perks to her passive and ultimate while maintaining the integrity of her character by basing her kit off of loot. Let me know what you guys think

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/imp75g/loba_buff_rework/

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