Location specific phrases for Revenant and Loba

Given their intertwined history, and that the devs haven't shied away from some dark lines (I've got two kills over ya, mommy and daddy), I had a thought that I wanted to share when Olympus becomes available. It'd be interesting if they incorporated the building where Loba's parents were killed. Maybe have a little vigil at the base of the elevator where her dad landed, and some lines like how a Wattson and Wraith in a squad will interact at Singh Labs. Whether the story develops in a way that Revenant still taunts Loba would influence the lines more likely than not, but maybe if he walks by the building and you see the vigil he could say something like "I hear this place had a great restaurant at the top a while back. Wonder why they shut down…ha" or even a "Huh, looks a lot different from down here".

Edit: Another line came to mind just after I posted this. "I hear the restaurant that used to be up there had some killer meals/service".

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iai19s/location_specific_phrases_for_revenant_and_loba/

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