Loot Box Event [From someone who has Nearly everything]

Well long story short. I paid $850 To get both bloodhounds and wraiths Hierlooms (bloods by sheer accident, thinking i could cheat the system by litterally not buying into the iron crown- I still bought in then for $160 but did not want to buy the last one, F***) ending it with about 17k crafting metals. (god who even knows how much that is?) DURING this event. i decided to craft the 12 epics Leaving me with just enough crafting for the next event. (assuming it goes this way) And paid $80 for the rest of them to unlock the lifeline loom for FREE (suprised actually that they did this Considering how greedy they really are.) I dont even know what to think anymore. ALL the skins are just about useless and will never see the day of light in my opinion, Even after putting more and more money into this game im slowly beggining to just Sell this account for even 1/6th of the cost just to get away from such a scummy system. Yeah its cheaper to just buy in, but remember you're just a qarterly Ressisual with more than 8 more Hierlooms to be aquiered ($100-200 50/50 of the time if i get crafting. $200 at a time if you dont) Thanks Respawn for showing me a strong weekness and addiction that I need to take care of. I can only imagine the choices kids will make Vs. using it to better ones life especially for people starting out in the real world.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/digrig/loot_box_event_from_someone_who_has_nearly/

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