Low Tier Buffs/Rework Ideas and other Legends Changes

Hi, I played Apex before seasons started and I'm still enjoying it….best Battle Royal I've ever played. I always change legend from a game to another to keep it fresh and to have fun, lately I m playing with Loba mostly and I want to share with some ideas with you about a possible Buff/Rework.


Tactical Rework could be: let her move freely while she throws her bracelet, when the bracelet is on the ground she doesnt teleport to it automaticly but you have to press the ability button to teleport. It stays on the ground where it landed within a certain range (100 to max 150 meters), if you go beyond this range it goes back to Loba (like crypto's drone) and if you need it again press X to retrive it (again like crypto's drone). When you teleport she put her bracelet with left hand raised while her right hand got the weapon ready to shoot (like revenant: tactical with left hand and ready to fire). It basically became a personal teleport you can use to get close to enemies or go away from a dangerous situation. Cooldown is fine, 29 seconds for one of the best escapes/push/better positioning ability.

P.S. she still has the original retrive animation if she is not carrying a weapon (hands free during teleport).

Passive: I would add 1 more thing since her passive can be "useful" only on starting game. Loba want the best things for her, so what about giving an upgrade chance on her looting: from white to blue, blue to purple. From white to blue like 30% chance to upgrade, from blue to purple 10% chance.

Ultimate: With aftermarket event ult range increased, now is perfect,still….there is a lot of unexpressed potential. Loba is a Thief….and thiefs love pickpocketing. My idea is to increase loot boxes from 2 to 6 (after all it only speed up looting process….thats all folks) and let her pickpocket from enemies 5 random things: helmet,armor,backpack,knockdown shield and secondary weapon). Pickpocketing one enemy in the nearby area for one of those equipment consumes 2 slots; so you must choose between: looting the area or pickpocketing the enemy team of one iteam each.

P.S. if there are more than 1 team in the area pickpocketing the 3 members of the same team is not guaranteed, her ultimate can be useful but not too OP

Pickpocketing could be available only to Loba and it appears on top of ult menu like a slot machine (with a full animation of rolling slots that takes 3 to 4 seconds….for each stealing): r you'll hope to steal armor (or a secondary red weapon like kraber,r99 or peacekeeper) to your enemies but you don t know what you will gain…maybe just 3 helmets (pretty unlucky case XD)

P.s. since slot machine mechanics takes time this can be used only on distant fights….if enemy team is pushing is usless, again to make it not too OP

To me a change like this could lead loba from F tier (everyone thinks she is the worst legend at the moment…that 's true) to A/S tier.


Tactical: 5% health loss upon stim usege; 40%-50% speed up while carrying a weapon, 60%-70% speed up while hands free

Passive: fastest revive while using stim (2-3 seconds)

Ultimate Rework (2 options here): 1 Activate a switch kit that enables everyone jetpack and being able to "jump pad" only by using jump action (10 seconds duration) everywhere you need,anytime you want (removing jump pad animation);2 give him a "selfish" ult…"Painkillers" which grant him 25 more health, Fortified and faster change weapon/reload speed.

P.s. Second/Third worst legend with Loba and Mirage, he should be the fastest legend but he is completely outclassed by Bloodhound Ultimate (tests on youtube are pretty clear about that).


Tactical: a lot of people are asking to make clones able to open doors and use zip lines or absorb some bullets, I should remind you that this ability just make holographic copy of Mirage…they don't have a solid structure to do so, his abilty his perfect now (I m perfectly able to bamboozle even masters and predators), you just need to use it in a really smart way.

Ultimate:please bring back his invisiblity…the new version doesn't fool anyone, the only problem with his old ultimate was that copies were standing still, now that are able to replicate your moves mirage needs to go invisible for 5 seconds (With the old version you were able to escape or push/flank enemies, now just to escape); it would be nice if during invisibilty he is able to interact (open doors, use ziplines, recover banners…). You can make his Ultimate usefull for teammates by giving them a copy of themselves in a random position (to the left or right).

P.s. In a better spot than before but still really low tier.


Tactic: let her see if the enemy moves through the smoke; enemy will be highlighted in wjite (like castic gas make enemy highlighted yellow)

P.S. it works only if the enemy is inside the smoke and only if they are moving; she won't be able to see enemies beyond the smoke.


Ultimate:take off the care packege and put the Healing pulse (seen in dummy day); 3 pulse released in a small are that immediately cure 35 health; it activates when a party member in that area got less than 50% health.

P.s. enemies will benefit of the healing pulse too, so be careful.


Tactical: I tried the new cooldown system and everyone knows this is still a HUGE nerf, please fix the distance parameters.

Passive: use the grappling hook to thake objects, your teammates (both alive or bleeding) and recover banner from distance (this gives a 5 seconds cooldown)


Tactical: her Ult and passive are perfect, her tactical need some work in 2 ways: decrease deploy from 4.5 second to 2 seconds and keep the one shot that destroy the barricade, or keep the deploy to 4.5 sec and take off the one shot weak point. That's it


Ultimate: decrease cooldown, that's all.

Bloodhound, Caustic, Crypto,Revenant, Wattson and Wraith after Buffs and Nerfs are perfect the way the are now.

Let me know what you think about these ideas…(I hope some Respawn developers watch this post, that would be nice)

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