Make Mirage Great Again

I've been playing apex since the day it came out and from day one, obtaining mirage became my main goal. With popular streamers such as shroud using him instantly and him having (at the time) arguably the most interesting character design in all of the roster, he became a fast favourite of mine. And sure enough after around a week of grinding to level 23 I bought him for the 12,000 phoenix coins he was worth.

In the first few weeks of the game coming out with its massive influx of new players jumping in all of the characters were strong in their own ways as nobody had really developed strong counter techniques and squad compositions etc…
This meant that for the first few weeks mirage was a viable choice for any squad and really was seen as a valuable asset to the team. Sadly overtime our favourite trickster has become less and less valuable because of a combination of increase in average player knowledge and the utility other characters could reach when played properly.

As time went on I drifted away from mirage and left my old favourite in the shelf collecting dust.
With this post I hope to break down mirage and why he isn't as valuable as he could and should be within the meta.

Mirages tactical ability usually referred to as "Decoy" allows him to send a clone of himself running in a specific direction, if an enemy shoots the clone it disappears and said enemy I'd pinged for the whole squad to see. First of all this ability has become obsolete throughout time as people have become used to sporting clones and avoiding them which is a simple yet devastatingly effective way of making this ability practically useless in most scenarios against (competent) enemy players.
•make the clone shoot at the enemy with holographic bullets which don't damage just to make it harder to distinguish between the two.
•make the clone run alongside mirage and copy his every move, that way enemies will have no choice but to shoot.
•when someone shoots the decoy instead of just an average ping outline their whole silhouette (kind of like a crypto drone marking) for a short amount of time like 3 seconds

Mirages passive ability is perhaps the single most useless ability in the game. It turns him invisible for a short amount of time when knocked down while a decoy of himself theatrically gasps for their last breath of air. Unless you are a completely new player this ability is not something you worry about when you down this charismatic man-child.
The only value this ability could have is buying you more time for your teammates to come and clutch things out, but that is in very rare and close situations.
•much like my previous suggestion, if someone shoots the decoy when mirage is downed mark them crypto drone style for like 3 seconds.
•increase the initial bleeding out movement speed considerably that way mirage can move a further distance while he's invisible making his chances of an escape much greater.

Mirages ult is such a cool concept that it pains me to see how ineffective it can often be. When activated mirage deploys a group of decoys around him which just stand still while he turns invisible and can rune away. This can be quite effective for a quick runaway but it's quite underwhelming as an ultimate ability which at this point no one falls for anymore.
•make it so the clones run around and shoot holographic bullets making it harder for the enemies to concentrate and be accurate.
•greately increase the recharge speed of the ult so it's more of a reliable escape tool.
•give mirage some sort of temporary buff for every clone the enemy destroys like increased speed, health/shield regen, damage, mark the enemies, increase duration of invisibility, reduce charg time for the next ult etc…

Overall mirage is a wonderful character who you see more of in the games cinematic sequences than actual games. He is my favourite legend and one who I'm sure can be very easily integrated in the meta without losing any of his charisma. I would really like to see a rework for him as I feel he deserves more attention and love.

Thanks for reading, any comments I would love to answer and talk to any of you guys about mirage or any other legend for that matter.


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