Maybe Apex Legends should have a spectator mode to watch tournaments

So I'm probably not the only one that thinks that competitive Apex is wildly entertaining (XGames are being so intense).

Although the streams are lacking the ability to follow all teams.

Maybe it's viable to add a Major tournament spectator mode where players join through Apex Legends and can spectate whichever players they feel like ingame. Sort of like CS:GO has with Major Tournaments.

I think this would really up the production value and the number of people watching the tournament. And maybe later on you could drop random packs to everyone watching within the game , maybe everytime the circle closes a certain number of packs are randomly dropped to spectators ingame (much like csgo has at the end of every round)

What do you guys think? At this point and time I think everyone can see the competitive value in Apex and maybe it would be a good a idea to start implementing ways of showing professional games to the world


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