Me and another random saved a 10yesr old from suicide

A little context. I was playing some armed and dangerous matches and I got these two teammates and we all had mics. So we started asking about each other's day and my teammate who is 10 said that that very day his older brother had passed away and he was thinking about committing suicide. And when me and the other random heard this we were encouraging him not to do it and we said "if you're thinking about any of these things you should go see a therapist." Then he had told us that he has to sleep in the same room where his older brother also slept because they slept in the same room and he said he always has to see his brother's old bed and that he always thinks it's calling out to him to remind him that he used to always have a brother that would sleep there next to him. As the game went on we kept telling him just because his brother and passed away doesn't mean that his life had to go away alongside his older brothers. By the end of the game we had won and he wasn't at all thinking about anything suicidal. We were overjoyed. And he did seem to have learned that life is precious and that it shouldn't just go to waste.

This is the first time that this has ever happened to me and I think I handled the situation pretty well. If there's any way I can could have handled the situation better please give me feedback.


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