Mirage buff ideas

Okay, it’s gonna be short list, ya’ll. Maybe Mirage needs a buff, maybe he doesn’t. I think he does, he could be the worst legend or close. We must help our man Mirage and support his awesome hair.

This is a list of buff ideas from other posts, and ideas I got from myself and friends. Also heard from Mirage mains on the Xbox lobby.

Ultimate ability buffs:

-Nerf him to buff him. If either cloaking or the decoys are gone, the ultimate will be more effective. Information here: /r/apexlegends/comments/bq2zxd/how_to_buff_mirage_by_nerfing_its_ultimate/

-For his ultimate, deploy an extremely large crowd of decoys that will follow your direction and keep you near the center of the crowd

-Make him faster while cloaked

-Erase his footstep sounds and marks while cloaked

-Create a “decoy storm” that makes several decoys runs towards enemies in an affected area during a period of time

-Jam an enemy’s screen heavily

-Make the decoys actually run during the ultimate. /r/apexlegends/comments/dtfhwb/please_respawn_this_is_what_we_want_for_mirage/

Tactical ability buffs:

-While holding down the tactical button, the decoy’s run will curve to the direction you look, giving you partial control of the decoy.

-Give the tactical charges like Bangalore, Watson, and Caustic’s tactical abilities and make him able to deploy many decoys at once

-Let him throw a ‘fake grenade’ that will seem like a real one to enemies

-Let the mirage spot players by just running clones close to them

-Make decoys climb over walls

Passive buffs:

-Make mirage mobile while downed

-Make mirage able to take the appearance of any legend

I’ll write more later

What do you think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e8yzpa/mirage_buff_ideas/

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