Mirage still needs a buff

Right now Mirage is in pretty decent spot. But I am sure as the time goes by he will definitely become F tier again and will bamboozle noobs only. He lacks a lot of things. His decoys don't look real enough, His ultimate is useless against people with headphones. I saw posts saying that he needs to be able to teleport to decoys which I don't agree with. Mirage's character is about "You fell for it fool! Now because you got distracted I can use those seconds of your confusion and kill you!" Not "You fell for it, because if you had to and if you wouldn't I would have had a major advantage over you!". This idea goes into the wrong direction. I think he needs to have the perfect tools to bamboozle people with. There should be physically no differences between him and his decoys. They should have second gun, footsteps, and there should be no flickering on Mirage and his decoys. There was a thing back in the beginning of season 5 where if you release control of your decoy while doing some action, the decoy would continue doing it. Bring it back, give people more room for creativity. His invisibility nerd should apply only on his res invisibility because if it does on all sorts of invisibility it ruins his ultimate and knocked passive all together. The only difference between Mirage and the decoys should be their behavior. That way a pro Mirage will always bamboozle someone. That way there will be a lot more room of creativity for bamboozle.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hsgqt8/mirage_still_needs_a_buff/

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