Mirage tactical ability change: randomized legend decoys

At this point in the game's life, I think that we can all safely agree that it is extremely easy to read Mirage's decoys when sent out. Always imitating whatever action the player was doing in a straight line, or standing still, and always a hologram of Mirage.

I think a good way to give Mirage's tactical ability a little more spice would be for it to be a different legend besides Mirage every time, following some sort of RNG logic either pooling from all legends or the other legends on your team. That way, the decoy would have a higher chance of bamboozling enemies because it'll be harder to identify as a decoy or another player.

Thoughts? I believe that this would go against some of the currently defined lore for the game, but this would make Mirage a little more viable, especially when including the fact that his ultimate and passive are two of the worst in the game in their current stage.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dxt01q/mirage_tactical_ability_change_randomized_legend/

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