Movement is ruined for me

I'm making this post because my absolute favourite part of this game has been ruined by a recent wave of high server lag and constant prediction errors. Running, sliding, jumping and grappling now send me into walls, off ledges I didnt want to fall off, and sometimes pulls me backwards completely off where I was trying to go. For context this has only been happening since about 4 days ago, and nothing about how I play or how my setup is has been altered. Half the time the error symbols arent even showing up which leads me to believe this isnt to do with my connection but rather the servers themselves.

Now I'm not sure if this is just an EU issue or if it's only for certain ISPs. But I am aware that many other people are experiencing more and more rubber banding as of late. Now I'm aware the servers are under a lot of pressure right now, but if it's going to ruin the game then that's just a further testament to how underdeveloped Apex servers are. If I have a 10 ping with no connection dips or spikes then I expect to move fluidly, not like octane was strapped to 15 bungee cords that fling him around in every direction at supersonic speeds.

Let me know if this is happening to you and what server/platform you play on. All of the things I've heard have been from the EU so maybe it's our data centres I'm unsure.

As a side note I also experienced my first slow motion server yesterday since season 2, which further adds to my suspicions.


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