Must Needed Character Balancing


It's completed BS that one tick of gas makes you slowed blinded and glowing red for caustic. The fact that the teammates aren't slowed by it is terrible. Caustic is unbalanced and is utterly destroying this game one gas can at a time. Either everyone is slowed by it or no one is slowed by it.

He also shouldn't have 3 gas cans right away. The man can literally land on you and trap you in an area and you just die. Needs to have the same cooldown but it needs to start right when he hits the ground and only spawn/drop in with one can.

I'll give y'all credit for making the other shitter characters better but this whole aggressive meta that you are trying to force on the game is killing it so fast.


His ult definitely needed the buff but now it's just a free shot at anyone in the game. You can just ult and play like idiots and push a team out of a zone or a rotation and get a reset. 100 health is too much for the shadow form. It's already hard enough to hit a decent player with good movement. 50 Health max.



Ult is shit. Bring AOE from dummies day


Still blocks 100% of a kraber bullet. It's a sniper, it should do collat damage. For example, lets say you have a wingman. You shoot his arm shield for 45. The next shot should do 5 damage to arm shield and 40 to whatever he has. Shield or health…

Don't forget how fast his arm shield comes back. That was the whole reason why people were complaining about him in the first place because you would break it and bam you push instantly and he has it back already. It needs to cost a cell or 25 seconds just like wraith Q or Path Q


WTF did y'all do to him. 35 seconds for a Q… That's literally all I have to say for that. Needs to be 25.

His ult can't be placed anywhere… You should be able to place it anywhere you want on a building.

I'm not the only person who thinks that these are good changes. None of these changes are gonna be biased towards the top 1% or the casuals. These changes are for the game to actually keep your player base happy and not talk complete trash on the game everyday.



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