Muzzle flash removal and the future

I added the reduced muzzle flash commands to my config file, and the game has changed entirely. It is so easy to track enemies, no matter the weapon.

I know there's more pressing issues for Respawn, notably the upcoming season 2, crashes, bug fixes, etc. But I cannot stress how different the game is without the muzzle flash.

You can tell the muzzle flash is part of weapon balance: Energy weapons, and R99 most notably. As well as the golden stabilizer perk, clearly designed to reduce this obvious con to shooting.

We are at a point where we don't even know their stance on this other that unofficial he/she said from streamers.

I personally hope they not only put their stance out there but resolve the issue so many have with not being able to track people once you've started shooting and the uneven playing field the exposed commands are creating.

I think the best way to go about it would be reducing the muzzle flash globally (not outright make it disappear) or at least make an actual option within the settings to lower it; then rework the golden stabilizer perk.

If some weapons become stronger because of this, I think that's okay, but there's always other ways to balance than not letting you see what you are aiming at. I don't think it's a fun mechanic to have in FPS games.


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