My biggest struggles with this patch

  1. The new map is awful, its too large, and the color scheme does not work well with my voluntary color blindness.

  2. The removal of disruptor rounds had made the game unmanageable for me, since the patch I haven't won a single game. Typically with disruptor rounds I was winning 1 game every hour.

  3. The changes they made to character design makes Bangalore look different. She looks much whiter than the previous build which frankly is NOT okay.

  4. The charge rifle doing damage before the shot is even fired is bad game design, every time I shoot the enemy has 5 seconds to run before.

  5. I was expecting some new content for the loot boxes or just a new event similar to the Iron Crown event. I own EVERY single skin, and all the Iron Crown skins and want to have more skins to acquire.

  6. I wish they would dedicate more of there resources on the casual scene and less on the pro scene. If they didnt spend so much money on tournaments and prize pools the game would be able to improve at a faster pace.

This is just my opinion, do not get upset just cause you have a opposing (incorrect) opinion.


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