My experience in rank platinum as a solo q

So I ranked up to platinum last weekend and so far my experience has been terrible. Out of the 15 games that I've tried to play only once I had a team who was not hiding and running from fights. All the other are always a due who don't ping, who drop by themselves, even if I'm not jump master they ping a place and go to another one. I just had a game were my teammates fake to go to I fight, the when I was there to fight they run away and let me to die, and message me saying that they didn't want to play with me to begin with.

The RP rewards for placement are killing the experience for us who play this game for the fast pace action. This has been the game that I have played the most in at least 10 years, and I was super excited for rank but omg if I'm tired of ppl hiding and playing.

Yeah I know, find a squad and play with then but is not easy to find ppl with your play style that play at the same time that you do an all.


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