My Friend Hates How I Play

So for context I play Crypto and my friend plays Octane, so our play styles are bound to be quite different from each other's.

Oftentimes, me and my friend stumble upon a team I will try to EMP the team so he can start rushing, but after he begins rushing, he refuses to listen to me, so if I warm him about a red evo armor, I can't tell him to be cautious, but he won't listen. In situations my which friend is being wreckless, he will end up getting downed the second I'm beginning on my run, which is only ever about 40-50 meters away. In the time that I'm making my way to him, he will shout things as, " We were supposed to rush in, but where is OP? 500 F*CKING MILES AWAY!" He doesn't seem to understand that I have zero mobility and can't run nearly as fast as him. Honestly, whenever I hear his say these things, I just get really down, and want to quit playing. He says I should rush sooner, but I'm going as fast as I can, and I think he should think more, instead of just running in. The insults get worse if he manages to sandwich himself between a third party, and then blames me because I wasn't there to help him, even though I told him not to rush, because there was multiple teams in the area, and I hate third parties, and yet, it's somehow my fault because I didn't want us to die from 4 different people.

Am I in the wrong?


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