My hopes for Season 6 (My opinion on what is needed) long post

This might get lost in New but it would be interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on what’s needed.

Obvious things

  • New Legend
  • New Gun hopefully
  • New map or significant map changes to both maps

General Changes:

  • Maybe increase max lvl again? There’s players who have been lvl 500 for ages now.
  • Longbow: It’s not the best gun since the sentinel got a buff. Should increase the Shots per second and lower the damage. Something similar to season 2 longbow with lower damage.
  • Rank: diamond Rank is non existent. Diamond 4 play with plats and diamonds 3 and up play with masters and preds. This could be fixed with cross platform to have a bigger pool of players, but at the moment it makes no sense to have it.
  • More recolors for guns and wepons, give us something to spend the legend tokens on.

Legend Changes:

  • Lifeline: being able to push the drone again.
  • Path: grapple down to 25 secs
  • Bangalore: Faster explotions on her ult OR they explote only on proximity
  • Cuastic: back to do effect on teammates, maybe 50% only
  • Octane: needs something, maybe being faster while steem, not fall delay? Not sure about him
  • Crypto: need a buff I don’t play him enough tho
  • Revenant: Back to limited zone for the ulti (maybe a little bigger than before) and healt back only to 25 instead of 50
  • Loba: Faster animation after teleporting, maybe 3 items in the ulti


– Remove the Buzzing sound (urgent)

– Jumpads falling thru holes

– Lifiline Drone going to the sky for some reason

– Unknown names


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