My Ideas for Loba Buffs/Reworks

I know this won’t ever be implemented into game, but I figured why not share my ideas anyways. Yes, I’m a Loba main. Yes, I know how to use her. I just feel that there’s room for improvement.


Instead of being able to see higher quality loot (which can be useful, but let’s be real, at a certain point in a game, this passive loses its usefulness), I think it would be cool if Loba could interrogate enemies by performing a finisher on them. This would reveal their team’s location(s) to your team (basically Caviera from R6). As a thief, Loba should have intel on any potential threats around her, so I feel like this ability would suit her perfectly. This seems like a Recon class ability, but Mirage has a an ability that seems more like a Support class ability sooooooo yeah!

Also, Loba should be able to open the extra compartment in blue loot crates. As a thief, what’s stopping her? She’s also classified as a support, so giving your allies access to extra heals and shields is a great way to provide her extra team sustain. She’s really outclassed by Lifeline as a Support.


Allow Loba to run while waiting for your bracelet to drop(as many people suggest).


Implement a new mechanic that procs when you teleport. Instead of HAVING, to put the bracelet back on, it should be OPTIONAL. If you choose to put the bracelet back on, you will go through the current animation that she goes through. If you choose to NOT put it back on right away, then you can fight/ revive allies/ do whatever you need to do. However, the cooldown on this ability will not begin until you put it back on.

As someone who calls herself the best thief around, Loba’s escape tool takes FOREVER to use. The fact that she hasn’t gotten caught because of it perplexes me. Also, if everyone knows you’re the best thief around, are you REALLY a good thief?


I feel like Loba’s ultimate needs to be available as soon as you land. This may sound outrageous, but if you think about it, her ult is useless by the time it’s up for the first time because your team will have basic loot. Besides, her ult only allows you to pick two items up, so it wouldn’t be too broken to have it available for your team right off the bat. Having this ult instantly available will make teams have to choose whether they want to take a building and loot a handful of items safely, OR risk going out to loot for an opportunity to get more loot.


@YurchenkoFull gave an idea that inspired another idea in my head (I don’t know how to properly give credit of Reddit so please correct me if I did it wrong).

What if the devs worked stealth into her kit? Like walking or crouch walking as Loba makes her undetectable from Bloodhound and Crypto scans? This would go along with the idea that she’s a thief because thiefs need to be stealthy to be efficient!


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