My issues with season 3 so far

So to preface this I absolutely love this game, and want to give my 2 cents as to how I think it could be improved.

  1. My biggest issue is the ring; it feels WAY too small to the new map which has been measured at 150% the size of King's Canyon, but the ring seems to be the same size, so anywhere from 1/2 – 75% of the map gets cut off in the first ring or two, which forces you to run through choke points to the other side of the map, a lot of the time undergeared

  2. Speaking of undergeared, i know i'm beating a dead horse, but I really think that the loot tables need re-examined because the loot seems very spread out, and like there really isn't ENOUGH of it in any one location

  3. The charge rifle… The fact it's hitscan isn't neccesarily a bad thing, but i think it should have a limited range or something, i'm not sure, but as it is now it's infuriating getting zapped by a pixel 500m away that i literally cannot hit, yet my enemy can beam my squad from that distance

  4. I don't like the RP system; it encourages thirsting since once you're in silver, literally the second rung of the ladder, you have to get 2 kills JUST to break even: anything less, and you'll be in the negative. My personal opinion is that there should be points given, maybe 5, for knockdowns, and possibly lowering the amount of points needed to break even, though that could just be salt talking and adding knockdown points would really help this.

Again, not trying to just whine and bitch, i'm hoping to see the game improve. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments guys


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