My Opinion (as an Octane Main) as to how Octance should get buffed

– Stim damage from 10% -> 5%

– When stimmed, Octane gains a 10% increase to ADS speed, Weapon swap speed, reload time, and consumables*

– MokeySniper's jump pad changes*

these changes should push octane's to be using their stim more in battle. When playing, octanes (particularly newer ones) will barley ever use their stim during a fight. It is essential that the stim takes less damage to use rather than giving octane more HP regen because the regen should only be really useful out of battle, you should not be expecting to reagin you hp bar mid-fight with it. the damage reduction should also make newer octane's less scared to stim up during a battle.

the 10% increase to handling boosts should make octane feel more like a speed demon than he is now. and before you get too worried about the increase to use heals, the change is not incredibly significant

– for shield cells from 3 -> 2.7

– for shield bats from 5 -> 4.5

– and phoenix's from 10 -> 9

these speeds aren't a very large decrease but should make octane feel better. also, I think that this heal speed increase should only take place if 1/4 of the consumable is going to be used before stim ends (you would need to use a phoenix with 2.25 seconds left because 9/4 = 2.25) and the other changes are not incredibly significant but should feel very good to play with. just something of note, I did not give him a boost in fire rate for 2 reasons 1. because if you have already mastered the weapons the increase could throw you off, and 2. fire rate is determined by the gun and being fast doesn't change the fire speed of a gun so it would not make sense.

the jump pad changes if you did not watch the video are:

– walking, running and siding onto the jump pad will change your trajectory

– walking will give you a short, high jump

– running will give you the one you have now

– sliding will give you a low, long jump

– adding a double jump for you mid trajectory

– remotely destroy his own jump pads

He also said teammates would regain 25% shield when jumping onto it but feel this doesn't make sense and could be exploitable. if you want a full explanation watch his video here:

the double jump is explained lore-wise by using the jetpacks the legends have to give them boost. these are more quality of life than anything.

Something I just want to say before we finish, do not increase octanes stim movement speed as it could throw off experienced octanes style.

anyways, this is all in my opinion and could make him OP, I do not know because I cant playtest it but these are some changes feel would make him feel really good and should push him up to a mid tier legend instead of the bottom. feel free to express your opinions below, and have a great rest of your day!


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