My tips for the fight or fright (Weapons)

Snipers are almost completely obsolete is the new mode, shadows are too fast and even when you hit them, the weapons are slow and clunky. Charge rifle and triple take have SOME uses. G7 is useless unless you have that double-tap. High recommendation to NOT USE THE CHOKE. This makes it harder to hit shadows when using the triple take. High risk, but Ok reward.

Mozambique is not that good in this mode. Hammer point doesn’t work on shadows, this applies to the P2020 as well. Peacekeeper can wipe out shadows easily, but make sure your aim and timing is well. EVA-8 is by far one of the best guns to run during this event. The 8-round magazine makes it pretty good for wiping out multiple shadows or just one or two. My opinions of the Mastiff have yet to be decided as I couldn’t find ANY SINLGE ONE. But could find Krabers and L-STARS out of the drops.

Any assault rifle or LMG(yes. Even the L-star.) are well rounded and versatile enough to be viable anytime you pick one up. (I highly suggest you have the turbocharger for the havoc and devotion in case you want to kill them faster or need to pull off those clutches. I prefer the devotion and spitfire. But the assault rifles ain’t no slouches either.

Wingman and RE-45 are pretty dang good. RE-45 is a good substitute for the R-99 if you can’t ever find one. The wingman can one-tap most shadows, but make sure your aim is good. If you miss a shot, you’re kinda screwed once they get close. P2020 is meh, the hammerpoint is good for the combat against legends. It takes three shots to take down most shadows, but don’t expect to take them down that quickly if you’re planning on using it.

Prowler and R-99 are the best for wiping out shadows, the burst fire of the prowler is good for killing shadows really quickly, select-fire is optional, but it allows you to shoot down shadows far away. R-99 allows for concentrated and high DPS, use it when you’re fighting off one or two. Or try to conserve ammo when fighting as to not reload during heated situations. The alternator is a meh gun. Too slow to kill shadows quickly. But the slow fire rate allows you to conserve ammo easier and to have that range. But once you run out on your mag, you better have a good backup weapon, as it’s too slow in close range when you’re fighting off multiple shadows.


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