Need friends on PC for pubs or ranked :D

Hello everyone!

My intention here is to create a friendly atmosphere where we play Apex whether it be ranked or not, without hostility or ridiculing. I have gone through a lot of that solo queuing and it can be quite toxic if I'm honest. So I just want to have some friends to play will as a team, learning off each other and having fun 😀

I have been playing Apex for a while now, and in ranked I managed to get Plat 4 through solo queues so far. I am by no means a great player or even a good one at that. By the by. I am an Octane main. I have posted a photo of my stats (just in case people are curious to see how trash I am) although the "lifetime top 5" is bugged.

I have loved playing this game even if it is solo queuing, but that being said I would love to have people to play with. I am not a very social person, but I want to break out of my shell and make some friends. If anyone has the time and patience to play with a scrub like myself, feel free to add me : BOTLeviathan.

*From the East coast, if anyone was worried about time zones :D*

I apologize for bothering you all, but I hope everyone has a blessed day!


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