Nerfs made me quit

I remember back in season one where you could spam grapples, portals and a whole bunch of fun shit. Some heroes were absolute trash back then.

There was a loud portion of the community that had suggested buffing non-meta heroes up to the other hero’s abilities to make the game more fun and erratic.

This part of the community was ignored.

Lifeline’s bot couldn’t heal outside the circle, and they made her revive shield directional, making her boring to play as.

They nerfed bang’s movement abilities before anyone started liking her, making her clunky.

Gibby got a buff that made him the best character in the game for any team and then was consequently nerfed once popularity became a thing.

Revenant, introduced as a murder robot out for revenge with cool blade abilities—was super weak when he was introduced and still is pretty useless. And didn’t even have a sick blade ability. Wtf?

The game’s action was slowed down in exchange for a slower battles focused on firefights and less on character abilities.

I check out the game’s news from time to time now in updates but my squad just won’t hop back on. It’s not as fun as other more fast paced BRs and in order to balance it they’ve lost a ton of originality in the process of constantly balancing down fun characters. It feels inconsistent, experimental and often times exhausting to keep up with a game that doesn’t understand how to balance it’s characters properly. It doesn’t help that I can only play with 3 friends at a time, when I have 4-8 friends that always want to play together since Warzone has come out. I’m surprised Apex hasn’t figured out some kind of 50V50 mode.

The game could have made heroes like mirage as good as pathfinder or wraith. Instead they nerfed them into oblivion making you have to adapt to less and less of an dopamine rush when you play with them. Over time you just feel worse and worse playing the same tactics, so you switch to a new meta which then gets nerfed again in a month and you’re bored of the charade.

It doesn’t ever feel like there’s this perfect Apex we’re playtesting to where every legend can be their buffed to their best. It feels like the best legends get the shaft so it mixes things up for a few streamers. That’s it. I don’t care if Shroud gets a pathfinder nerf—I’m not Shroud and none of my friends ever will be.

Anyway I’m done with this game so /rant. Thanks for coming, if you feel the same let’s commiserate, if you hate this opinion, at least try to understand where I’m coming from.


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