New Legend Concept and Story Lore

So, as any Titanfall and Apex fan knows, there is a man by the name of Kuben Blisk, Apex Predator and founder of the Apex Games. I think it would be awesome to see him as a playable legend, along with Pilot Jack Cooper, protagonist of Titanfall2’s campaign. And the story element would be that Blisk is fed up with all these new legends breaking into his games without going through proper ways. So he goes down to solve the problem hands on. And the introduction to him would be awesome. You see the legends fighting and arguing in the dropship, Loba and Rev in the center of it, then he walks towards them, grabs them by the neck and says to each “Let’s solve this on the ground, shall we? You kill him, you’re better. You kill her, you’re better. I kill both of you, I’m better.”
Next is Cooper: he sees Blisk enter the games, realizing that’s the man who killed Lastimosa I’m TF|2 and was the reason for BT’s death, he seeks to kill him. At the end of TF|2, Blisk leaves a card on the screen of BT when he is knocked down. That card is the same used in the first trailer of Apex. So Cooper enters into the games fairly in hopes to seek revenge for his follow Pilot and Titan. The ideas for Tacticals and Passives would go along the ways of this: Blisk built the games, therefor he knows it best. He would have an advantage when getting around, unlocking shortcuts through mountains and valleys, finding and reaching higher jump towers for longer diving. He would also have supply caches of weapons, hop-ups, ammo, etc. buried around the arena. As for Ult. Idk.
Cooper: wallrunning as a tact with a sorta durability bar, and reduced headshot damage due to him wearing his pilot helmet (better than a bloodhound helmet because it’s designed more for protection then functionality like BH’s)
Any thoughts? Comments are appreciated. I would love to see it happen. Lemme know what you think


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