New recon legend idea: Hunter

Passive: his footsteps are 50% quieter than normal and when you hear footsteps you can see what direction they are in
Tactical: he can throw a grenade that creates the storm for 10 seconds, but if used in the storm it creates a safe space for 10 seconds. It’s cool down is 35 seconds.
Ultimate: He throws his device that he keeps on his back into the air, which acts like a mega Crypto drone. It lasts for a maximum of 15 seconds, though it has 150 health so it can be shot down before that. It’s radius is 75m, in which everyone is scanned (except for your team) and enemies can see other enemies scanned. One thing only your team can do is when you look exactly at someone who is scanned, you can see how far they are from you and their health.
The stats probably aren’t perfect; if you think Hunter is to op or too weak, or there’s a better way to have his abilities work, say so in the comments.


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