New standard for what to refer to players as based on skill (Please put suggestions for shorter title too)

This is my very first post on Reddit, so go easy on me please. I think Apex could do with more in the way of ranking than predator and everyone else, so, I had the idea for five tiers here.

1.) Competitor: I refer to them as this because most people seem to believe that there are canonically other people in the games then the legends. These guys are the noobs. They either are inexperienced or might just be bad.

2.) Legend: Your average player, not likely to drop a 20 bomb, though can generally hold their own.

3.) Champion: They might be anywhere from platinum to diamond, but they are not people you want to mess with alone most of the time, but they are not an unstoppable force.

4.) Pilot: It matters not their skill at Apex, but they played titanfall 1 and/or 2, so they deserve respect in their own right. (Includes any other placement)

5.) Apex Predator: these guys need no introduction

Edit: this is not a suggested change to ranked, but more of a different thing to refer to other players as. Instead of their just being the average and the predator, we ave more levels and more lore terms for player skill levels


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