No steam or crossplay with season 6?

What a garbage, incompetent, piece of shit company man. Steam/crossplay is going to attract a lot of new players to this game. Do you think these new players are gonna wanna start halfway through season 6? NO! They want to experience the new content at the start of the season along with everybody else. And if they wait till season 7 to release steam/crossplay, then that's even worse. The whole reason they're adding steam/crossplay in the first place is because the game is dying. By the time season 7 releases, nobody is gonna give a shit anymore. If they don't release on steam soon, there's gonna be 20 people playing this shitty game by the time season 7 rolls around. If you're gonna add steam/crossplay, then don't announce it 9 billion years in advance so the hype dies before it even happens. If you're gonna add such a major feature to the game, then do it with a major content update, LIKE SEASON 6.


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