Nobody here is really in the right.

As the title says, we all need to come to an agreement that neither the DEVs or the people in the community are in the right. People expect the DEVs to take such rudely put critisism after they tried to fix something?

Maybe they didn't quite fix it or talk about the paywall, but if people in the Apex community didn't voice their opinions in such a harsh way, the DEVs wouldn't have lashed out either. Just some food for thought; you can disagree and down vote me all you want, but I'm pretty sure sending the developers death threats and aiming at their family was never a good way to voice constructive critisism.

And yes, I would call everyone's opinion on the Iron Crown constructive critisism. There's a different, a very significant difference, between constructive critisism and just straight-up critisism.

Think about this whole situation from the perspective of a developer.

The community has done wrong things and so have the DEVs; fighting fire with fire will only make it burn brighter.

I'm really sick of scrolling through the subreddit and only seeing things of people talking about how 'horrible the DEVs' are and how 'they're quitting the game' but some of you really just need to look at it from different perspectives and calm down.


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