Not even ranked is safe from crappy match making

I decided to hop on a bronze game thinking it would be other bronze players and yet when I got in a game I get stuck in a game full of 20 bomb gold players this is a prime example of bullshit matchmaking this is the reason I stopped playing as much i love this game i dont care about recycled ltms I mean I like new things but still im poor so I don't care about recycled skins but this terribile match making is making me want to quit this game the only reason I'm even still playing this season is because I have to level up my battle pass this game makes it impossible to solo que which I have to exclusively do if they don't fix their matchmaking and make it fair not throw you into games with three stackers and predators by season 7 im going to quit and it hurts
to say that I've put so much time trying to improve and the matchmaking makes it basically impossible to improve because A your getting thrown into lobbies that are way too easy or lobbies full of three stacking predators or people who are two ranks above you gold in a bronze lobby it sucks why can't we go back to the old better form of matchmaking in my opinion i mean I know there has always been sbmm but it was alot of fun you would run into an occasional predators or great people but it felt like you were facing your skill level more that was awesome


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