Not sure if this has been brought up before, but how would you feel, as a player, having a “retreat” command added to the ping wheel?

As the title states, I feel like a ping specifically designated for retreating would be a good idea. I’m sure they would put the respawn touch on it, by giving each legend a different way of saying it. However, I feel like this specific ping needs to be added because I have found myself in several situations where my team is outmatched or in a bad position and the “we should go here” ping doesn’t really catch the team’s attention in the midst of a battle. I feel like something to the effect of(I’m going to use a Bangalore-type line as an example)”This fight’s a soup-sandwich, we need to retreat ASAP!!”, would be appropriate. Something that would cut through gunfire and get people’s attention during a fight. Of course, I’ll get comments that say “bro, just get a mic”(and I have one), but I would argue that the ping system is designed specifically to circumvent the use of a mic. Some teammates don’t have mics or just straight up refuse to use them. Regardless, the ping system does a great job of catering to these players; I just feel that this little addition would help tremendously in that regard. I would be interested to hear any thoughts, be they critical or otherwise and thank you for reading.


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