Now that we’re all a nice mixed PC/Console family can we talk about what the ‘casuals queue’ really means please?

I'd like to hear from Respawn what they're stance is on modifying the 'Play' (trios/duos) queue in one of two very important ways.

1- You can no longer select this queue while in any size pre-made squad, ranked only -or-
2- If you do select this queue you are automatically placed into the queue with ONLY other solos or other pre-mades if you're pre-made. No mixing of solos and pre-mades.

I'd like to see the 'casuals' queue forked to provide a better, more fair and balanced matchmaking for both sides. Way too often have I queued into a casuals game solo only to get placed with people far below me in terms of skill level, and matched up against a full trio of pre-made high-tier players. This is not fun for me because its extremely difficult to 'play-up' to such a degree Im able to carry them both against challenging opponents. On the flip side, its not fun to them because they're going up against folks that are (usually) well beyond where their skill level is so they get destroyed and don't want to play Apex anymore.

I don't think, with the queue times we have, and the homogenized pool of PC/Console players now, that forking the casuals queue would do any harm at all. On the contrary, it would address months of matchmaking frustration, further equal the playing field, and take a minor step towards preventing 'pub stomping'.

In its current state I have no desire to log on, queue solo, and go up against full squads of master/predator tier or TTV pre-mades running around murdering a third of the lobby while my level 26 Bloodhound literally asks me 'How do I use my ultimate'. That game was over before it started. It's time to address the elephant in the room and start making some adjustments to fix the matchmaking before this game winds up like Spellbreak with 90% of the casual folks having quit because they're tired of getting shit on by pros running pre mades. Keep whatever SBMM you have, just branch the queues so the sweaty pre-mades going for dubs every game stay the fuck away from the casual folks that are just looking to learn, get better, and have a fun time.

What do you say, Respawn?

Me: Diamond/level 500/day 0 player for context.


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