Octane Buff Ideas!

Octane is supposed to be, you know, fast. But pathfinder and bloodhound completely render him useless. I have some buff ideas for el Octane.

Stim: Stim now takes 25-30 seconds to charge. Speed lasts for 10+ seconds. Running speed increases by 100-120%. As soon as the stim stats, octane will gain a 200% boost in regen. Stim damage is now 30% of health. (aka 30 damage)

Mini extra passive: Stimming outside the ring does not take away health.

Super, Operation Explosive Jumpad: Octanes super charge will now have two levels. wait 60s to get a regular jumpad. Wait 30 more seconds to unlock the explosive jumpad. The jumpad acts as a proximity mine that explodes with a 1.5 sec delay. Octane will get a significantly larger jump if he uses the explosive jumpad. Enemies, however, will take 100 damage in the proximity, with damage falling off the further they are from the jumpad. If the victim decides to use the jumpad, he will take twice the amount damage (200). The jumpad will have red stripes and a lighting indicator when its explosified.

Feel free to comment below. I would like to have your opinions. Is this broken, is this still bad, is this a good idea, let me know.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iutzey/octane_buff_ideas/

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