Octane needs buffs: here are some massive buff ideas

I think octane is a legend that is in need of buffs to make him more viable. I have some ideas to massively increase the viability of his tactical along with adding a few new skill gaps that includes timing his tactical with reviving/his ultimate to give him a lot more viability and reward good players who learn to use him.

  1. When octane uses his syringe tactical ability, he should not just receive a speed boost to his running, but to all other aspects in the game. This would include faster climbing, reloading, weapon swapping, healing, etc. for the duration of the stem boost.

  2. An interaction ability with octane’s tactical and reviving teammates to allow a potential for quick revives:
    If octane uses his tactical, it should open up a split second window where, If timed properly while holding to revive a teammate, should result in him sticking his syringe into his downed teammate instead of himself for a quicker revive time. this would add a new skill gap to octane players and reward those who learn the timing of his animations properly while also addressing a major weakness in his kit that he does not help his team much.

  3. A new defensive usage for octane’s ultimate:

similar to the combination of octane’s tactical with reviving, if octane times his tactical at the same time he hits his jump pad, for the duration he is in the air it would allow him to be invincible to damage, but he would not be able to shoot enemies like he usually would. Imagine wraith’s phasing ability, but for octane, only while he is mid-air after using his jump pad/tactical combo. This would provide another skill-based way for octane players to use his jump pad to get out of tough situations while combatting the common critique that when he is flying mid air, he is easy to shoot.
Keep in mind, the octane player will always have a choice if this buff is added to the game. He can hit his stem right as he jumps and go invincible mid-air and not be able to shoot, or, he can choose to hit the jump pad normally where he can shoot/receive damage.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g4hfoz/octane_needs_buffs_here_are_some_massive_buff/

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