Octane’s buff makes him a ton of fun. I still think he needs something that benefits a whole team instead of himself.

What if Octane's jump pad had an extra bonus whenever one of your teammates were to use it? Whoever is the first person (besides Octane) to take the jump pad, activates one of their own abilities. It wouldn't activate an ability every single time someone took a jump pad, but a one time effect that stuck around for a set amount of time.

For example, these are a few abilities that could trigger as someone takes the jump pad

Wraith – Jumps into the void for 2 seconds while getting away on the jump pad

Watson – Puts a small fence on the jump pad blocking enemies from taking it easily

Revenant – Disables enemies abilities for 5-10 seconds

Crypto – Scans anyone close to the jump pad

Bloodhound – Scans… …anyone close to the jump pad but with birds

Mirage – Shoots a decoy in opposite direction

Bangalore – Smaller version of smoke grenade clouds around jump pad

Lifeline – heals small amount while mid air. Maybe the jump pad can only do this for 15 – 20 seconds

Gibraltar – Shields anyone in mid air for maybe 25hp

Caustic – does a little fart cloud to propel himself in the air

Loba – Teleport jumps like her bracelet

Pathfinder – Waves to all his friends down below

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i3p3vy/octanes_buff_makes_him_a_ton_of_fun_i_still_think/

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