Octane’s kit

So people complain all the time about Octane, and how he rushes and dies too fast and that his abilities are useless.

But if you think about it, his kit is the same as Wraith and Path, yet those two are considered good.

Their tactical is for themselves, they gain speed, they can enter the battle or run away, good to save allies banners.

Their Ultimate is used to reposition and can be used by everyone , friends and enemies. The portal and jump pad can be used when downed.

The problem, I think, is the passive and for Octane the passive is tied to his tactical. While Wraith and Path have Low Profile, Octane does not but he is short and slim, shorter than Pathfinder, Path has a bigger upper body, their legs are slim and almost the same but Octane has definitely a smaller upper body.

Path and Wraith can play aggressive or run away and be harder to hit, but if Octane does the same, in other to gain speed to rush/run away he has to consume around 10% of his HP. And we all know that even a small amount of health/shields can be the difference between life and banner.

Why not give Octane the Low Profile passive, and remove the auto healing and the health expenditure of his tactical?

He will be harder to hit when running fast, but so is Path when using his grapple and yet while grappling doesn't travel (mostly) in predictable straight lines.

Thank you for coming to my Octane's talk, little cucarachas.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iwip38/octanes_kit/

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