On the verge of giving up.

So straight up, this isn't a whine about ssbm or hackers or lack of content.

I've played apex since day 1 with close to 1900 hours and have absolutely loved the game in everyway and wish I wasn't in this position. I've improved drastically over the almost 2 years. But for the last 2 seasons I've found myself enjoying the game less and less.

I play on PC in Australia and the rule of thumb was casual que is fine on the local Sydney servers but due to the lack of player base ranked que is impossible on Sydney and had to be done on Singapore servers. Ping for me is 25ms on Sydney and 150ms to 200ms on Singapore. I was fine with that but now it takes 5 to 10 minutes to even find a game on Sydney and it seems the Singapore servers, or any other server for that matter, have just gone to shit. Nearly unplayable with rubber banding issues and disconnections constantly, even in casual matches.

I find myself now pretty much only logging on to complete the battle pass, do dailies, grab the treasure pack and then Alt+F4 the game. I still very much enjoy the game but the lack of player base in Australia and having to deal with network issues on other servers is pushing me away.

At this point I'm pretty much holding on hope that the crossplay and steam release will add enough players that I can enjoy the game again. Sorry for the long rant.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iykcro/on_the_verge_of_giving_up/

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