On top of this game feeling slightly unplayable because of packet loss and lag…..wow I’m getting bored….

I remember the day this game came out and I'm like….


Plays first game (⁰ O⁰)/ "I LOVE THIS"

And that's how it went for a really long time until the other day… When I was playing and just said wow….

I a m n o t e n j o y i n g t h i s

I wasn't getting shot at, I wasn't losing…. in fact I actually think I just won a game a match before this. but as I ran up to a charge tower to get my ultimate… I just didn't care. It feels like this has become almost a chore more than anything, and there's just not enough content to enjoy it.

Between the lack of aesthetic content
Lack of game mode content
And just general repetitiveness

I can honestly say this game is starting to not interest me and it's making me sad…

I don't know if anyone else has similar feelings but feel free to comment.

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