Opinion on the Havoc and what I think needs to be done about it.

My opinion on the Havoc and what I think should be done for a change.

So allot of people complain that the Havoc is OP. While I don’t directly view it as that I can see where their coming from.
However, you got to remember that there’s a point to each gun.
I’m Havoc’s case the point of it is to charge up and then shoot really fast, that shouldn’t change.
Just because a gun is powerful doesn’t mean you should nerf it to a crisp.
Look what happened to the RE-45 do you see anyone willingly end gaming RE-45 over R99 or Prowler or Wingman?
So I thought of a nerf that makes it so Havoc shouldn’t ever beat a PK at close range again when PK hits their shots in.
This is a simple yet effective Nerf I think should be implemented as the Havoc Nerf.
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The Nerf:
Magazine Count 32 – 30.
Damage per shot reduced by 1.

What this does is it makes it so it takes 2 less bullets to reload as well as makes it take longer to do enough damage to knock the enemy.
This will make the Havoc on Par with the Flatline instead of better then the Flatline.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g0t8j2/opinion_on_the_havoc_and_what_i_think_needs_to_be/

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