Opinions on map selection or random rotations.

With s3 being out it seems you are either on one of two sides, you love it or hate it. I understand they want farther engagements and everything, however with as big as the player base is I dont see the drawback in giving an option or at least a random rotation on maps. I personally dont care for the new map although I do love apex. With kings canyon I felt things were much more intense in certain areas. There was never really a distance that was too far for most weapons, and the weapons all had pros and cons but could almost all be viable anywhere on the map. They could do an average of 2:1 or 3:1 favoring worlds edge to have its playtime seen. I do think however I enjoyed being so close that you could engage anyone within just a minute or 2, even traversing the entire map was doable in 2-3 minutes. There is also the aspect of some legends being way better off than others, skill is definitely a factor I just find myself not wanting to play a whole lot anymore, I was 4k matches in and have spent my fair share to support the game. I realize people enjoy the way it plays. Just hoping we can have a choice at some point. This wasn't made to argue just to get a general feel for how everyone is receiving the changes. Kings canyon could be pub games exclusively to keep ranked balanced as well.

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