Option to OPT out of duo games?

What I mean by this is give me an option to turn on or off
When I get paired with 2 immature adults that are Friends and don’t get my respawn beacon when I die they let it time out

But when one of them dies they go out of there way and even risk dying to get it or get them respawned and I’m tired of it

I don’t have friends so I can’t be asked to keep being the third wheel in these situations

I always follow my team and try to be a team player but when people are already in a duo they unintentionally or intentionally leave me out and only need me at their convenience(if both of them are downed and need reviving)

So all in all if it’s turned off I just want to be paired with randoms so that way everyone has a fair chance and one player isn’t left out feeling like garbage

And if the option is turned on people that don’t mind can be paired with duos

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dkqanx/option_to_opt_out_of_duo_games/

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