Pathfinder buff i dea

You can now jump on the zip 6 times before you fall off


Hi friends! (:


When path scans the beacons he gets a 15 second cooldown reduction on his Ultimate

Scanning beacons is faster

Auto ping:

if pathfinder sees an enemy, they will be marked on the map with a 🙂 similar to how pings work but it works on multiple targets. This also applies if your in a dark place. Im talking to all you rats out there. Note: this doesn't work in Bangalore smokes unless he is directly in front of bangalore, if mirage sends out a decoy, pathfinder will automatically ping the one that shot him.

I see you friends:

If pathfinder is aiming down sights, he can see further than anyone else. He can turn this on or off by pressing the same button you use to control mirages decoys.


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