Pathfinder makes you bad player in the long run! Unpopular opinion i guess.

I have noticed that ever since i switched from my old main (lifeline) into pathfinder i have become really aggressive since pathfinder is extremely hard to kill if you don't want to die. You can go into fight and leave as you wish. There is no other requirement for your push other than to have one object as cover. It wont matter if enemies want to push you or not. You don't need plan B when pushing enemies because you have the greatest escape tool to get away that has really slow cd.

Pathfinder atm is best at every mobility aspect of all characters. Pathfinder is faster than octane with no downside of taking damage.

Best escape since you can go every direction you want and you can even tilt the angle mid flight.

Best flanker since there is absolutely no place he can't get with low cd hook.

Best hitbox currently

Best team utility most likely since mobility>everything else ON LOW CD.

I have 5600 kills on lifeline and i have achieved 20bomb twice.

I have 1900kills on pathfinder and i have achieved 20bomb three times.

I have even noticed that i pay really little attention where i am with pathfinder because it does not matter. If i push aggressive on enemy team and try to get knock. I don't need to worry since there is absolutely no way i can get caught since i just fly away with hook over obstacles while gaining speed that makes even octane look a turtle.

Every other character you get punished if you don't play smart and think more about positioning.

I started playing lifeline recently and it actually feels good when you can't push like retard with no care in the world.

I have really mixed feelings from pathfinder since i absolutely love playing with him but he is absolutely broken legend compared to all other characters in my opinion.

I really want to hear what are your thoughts about pathfinder if we are not talking about his hitbox but the toolkit he has.


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