[PC] Changes for the Future (D4+ is not enough)

hey ! I really like the game and the way it was to play. Now im trying to force to hit pred – but to play all day and night on D4 against 3 stacked preds its not fair enough for the playerbase and us – the community. You need to split it, even just pred vs pred they have to wait for next teams. In every game higher tier ranks have to wait, if the playerbase isnt big enough. Its a teamshot holding hand game at the moment – ore you play against skilled solo preds, who is raping even one, 2guys.

Its frustrating. D4 is unplaybable solo ore duo. The Map design and the DPS is way to instable. Teamshots are everything! not everyone has a team every day to climb up. Many people are frustratet to subordinate even if they are a good strong solo person. But without teamshot the game is not possible to play in a normal way.

Had so many teams, they are mostly offline. Friendlist was full on the start, they hit D4, tried from time to time play and rank above D4. "offline".

I main Apex but i really hope the season ends soon. I would love to play on a level i can, but atm there is no "fun" enough team out there.

In every high tier stream on twitch viewers are commenting with: "your not good alone – you have a strong team"
even a team mate from diego said in stream. Like, the community is talking about long time ago, is no developer watching streams?

Hopefully the game changes soon. Its too campy and holding hands. Apex shouldnt be that slowpoke, it was great because one guy could do alot with movement, reactions, aim, game expirience. Now its just teamshot.

For sure there are some solo gods out there – but they are rare. And mostley they play 24/7. Its the smallest part of the community.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e367qf/pc_changes_for_the_future_d4_is_not_enough/

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