Peacekeepers damage is balanced but definitely could use a rework.

I want this post to be an open discussion on what you would do to balance it in the case that devs might come across it.

The peacekeeper has been a weapon that I’ve overlooked for most of my playtime in this game. But has turned into one that is a must have which I understand is a problem but I don’t thing nerfing damage or spread is the fix. For one it is a shotgun which even the Germans in WWI viewed them as “inhuman”(I know this is a video game but you get the idea).
Battle royales have been known to side for balanced play regardless of skill. I think that’s the shining quality of the peacekeeper. When I here that gun go off, I don’t care who it is, I’m approaching with extreme caution. When in the right hands it can be the strongest gun in the game. When in the hands of a potato…it’s still insanely strong. I believe this gun is not broken, I think the natural play style of most FPS players is to get close and aggressive which plays perfectly into the peacekeepers sweet spot.

ideas for nerf

Lower ammo capacity.

6 shots -> 3-4 shots

The nerf to the wingman back in February or March of its standard magazine size allowed the gun to be playable with the right attachments. I think lowering the ammo capacity will allow the peacekeeper to be effective if you can hit your shots, which still keeps it strong with while raising the skill gap

Make Precision Choke a legendary hop up.

Similar to the turbocharger. Not much else to say about that.

Finally I think there needs to be a significant change to damage fall off.

55 damage from 250m (w/precision choke) away is ridiculous for a shotgun. I think a reduction in the fall off damage would allow the gun to be strong only in very close range fights not midrange.

Tl;dr Damage and spread are perfectly fine. Nerf ammo size, nerf precision choke, nerf fall off.


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