Personal take on every weapon class

I just wanted to say what my thoughts were on each weapon class in this game, so here goes:


I think the one thing about the LMG class is that theres no specific identity that all LMGs have. Another problem with LMGs happens to be the same as SMGs, which is that if 2 guns share the same ammo, one will have to be better than the other since they're not individually unique enough to both be good in the same pool. Also, Devotion is far too powerful to be in the pool and should be put back into CP (which I don't need to explain). That still would leave the L-STAR and the spitfire, which are not similar in most ways. I think the solution would be to make it so recoil wouldn't be a thing that you'd have to think about when deciding between the two guns. Spitfire is a monster at mid range and you can beam about anyone with this gun without needing to tap-fire but you shouldn't use this gun up close. The L-STAR, on the other hand, can't beam unless tap-fired but in exchange offers more value up close. This needs to change because LMGs in most other games serve the purpose of being suppressive at far while being very weak up close. My idea is to reduce the recoil of the L-STAR to make it able to beam at mid and reduce its accuracy up close, so it becomes the ideal LMG. Instead of having to think about recoil when picking up an L-STAR vs a spitfire, you have to think about other things. L-STAR would be for players who are willing to gain higher DPS + firerate at range, but in exchange face unbearable flash as well as a lower ammo capacity before overheating. Spitfire would be for players that want a higher mag size, and much cleaner sight picture, in exchange for a lower DPS + firerate. That would be my idea for allowing LMGs to stand out and have an identity.


Nothing, ARs are in a solid state.


Like LMGs, its hard to have SMGs share an ammo type because otherwise one must suffer while the other succeeds. In my opinion, I really didn't care that the r99 was put in the CP, but frankly the alternator was much more worthy of becoming a care package weapon. This is because the alternator is much easier to control, and requires less skill to use. The reason that I didn't put the volt as more worthy is because as said before, its better to have one smg of each ammo type rather than 2, and putting volt in CP would leave 2 light SMGs. Also, the alternator as a weapon is not unique anymore. When game was launched, alternator had the benefit of being the SMG easiest to control. This came to an end with the volt being added in season 6. To be clear, alternator is not hard to control, but its just that volt is EASIER to control. This leaves the alternator with no unique identity, which no weapon should have regardless of being good or not. If they put the alternator with disruptors in carepackage and took the R-99 out, then it would be allowed to be unique without changing the meta for the worse. It would also make players consider their options more when deciding between the SMGs. Do you want the 99 with the fastest ROF? Do you want the volt with the easiest recoil? Or do you want the Prowler with the highest DPS?


Pistols in this game don't serve the purpose they do in most other games, which is to be your reliable sidearm. The problem with this is that it kinda makes all pistols besides the wingman bad. Picking up a pistol means you're shooting yourself in the foot because just about any weapon is better. RE-45 has potential, but the problem is that since pistols arent treated differently, it means that this gun feels like an SMG and that's not good. This is controversial, but I think if they removed the second slot for all weapons and made it only for pistols, it would allow pistols to stand out without being broken.


Not much, but I think the delay between the first shell and second shell on burst should be less on the EVA with double tap, just to make it more powerful.


Sentinel's charged function shouldn't decay without firing and should stay there, thats all I have to say. I like each sniper as they're all not bad as weapons. Longbow is like the wingman in which its good if you can hit your shots, Triple take is one I don't need to explain, charge rifle is good for leveling up evo and sentinel hits like a truck if you get those headshots. I just wish the TT's firerate could be toned down to 1.2.


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