Play with your own age group!

I think it was last night, could have been the night before. Anyhow got a message on PlayStation by someone I've played with before but not played a lot with. Enough that they were on my friends list. Anyhow they ask if I was playing with a kid. I don't know how they knew I don't really care but I said yes. They went off on me. Accused me of being attracted to kids. And wanting to know why I played with kids.

I play with anyone. I do have three or four kids on my friends list. They are there because I'm one of the few adults that will play with them and not cuss them out or yell at them for not being apex predators in the game. I play with them because I want to enjoy the game and I think other people, including kids should be able to enjoy the game with the people they play with. I often tell them don't get upset when you lose and be grateful and gracious when you win. I always say sometimes you're the windshield sometimes you're the bug.

Anyhow it's been ticking me off all day today. Who is this person to get pissed off at me about who I play with?


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